Ma Pradeepa

I had been a committed vipassana meditator, although' after a 21 day retreat in a nunnery in Sri Lanka, 1974, I knew I'd never be a Buddhist nun in this life! When I met Osho, he assured me that if I took sannyas, he'd teach me vipassana. Well, since then, he continuously asked me to create and lead his meditation retreats, courses and trainings, I saw myself as his agent in the Buddhafield so to speak, as I too am a learner.


I remember that I went to darshan that night, it was my body's birthday too, and I'd tucked a small packet of "Orange Surprise" marigold flower seeds in the waist of my sari, which in spite of being utterly blown away, I did manage to give Osho. He smiled beautifully, even with some strange looks I was getting from security sannyasins by his side. When I mentioned my boyfriend who was waiting for me at Lao Tzu gate, and that I felt dubious about my reception, a bit like Eve going to tempt Adam with the orange fruit, He really chuckled and said that this would be very good.


Well, in fact when the groups department started very soon after this, the boyfriend (Paritosh) and I were the very first meditation group leaders. Osho had started, what grew to be a huge Multiversity with just 3 groups of the bare bones, Encounter, Primal and Vipassana. His plan worked very successfully. He wanted information on how vipassana retreats were structured elsewhere, and then gave us his directive on how to manage in the ashram. We had darshans after each retreat in those days, with plenty of opportunity to fine tune the structure and other details too.


One of our sannyas themes  from Osho, is Zorba the Buddha as a role model for the new man, and this is a huge explanation for my everlasting love affair with him.


How could I ever have been a serious meditator?  With celebrations always part of the picture, it offered just the right approach for balanced life, with love and meditation as two wings of my wobbly flight.


Really, I hadn't been looking for a Master at all, I was a survivor of the turbulent and exciting '60s, with a longing for freedom, and a change from all the stupidities that I saw around me. It didn't look like the world was about to make that change, so it dawned on me that change would be my responsibility?
Over the years, many diverse meditation programs came into being, Osho loved keeping us all as engaged as possible, and there were regular messages to create new groups. It was in the last year of His being in the body, that I got a message asking me to create a new group like vipassana but different?  That was really a zen koan for me what on earth could He be expecting? Anyway, that's how the Sammasati group came into being, at his request with his title.


I've been so lucky to be in the right place at the right time, it's such a joy to have occasion to share what's been given with whoever feels the draw to come and join our crazy dance. There are many stories and anecdotes, but I find it easier to talk face to face, so hope to meet some of you who might be reading these words.