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Ma Anand Sujati

Ma Anand Sujati is a musician and a meditation facilitator. She is a new generation sitarist who uses emotion, an innate sense of music and her intense training of 15 years to enthrall her audiences. Her music is a colorful mix of classical, fusion, meditative and the new age music. Her meditation groups are known to be full of playfulness, fun and laughter. She holds a doctorate in music and trains students in Indian Classical Music as an Assistant Professor at PGGCG, Chandigarh.


She has been learning sitar for the last 18 years from Sh. Harvinder Kumar Sharma, a favorite disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahib. She participated in many national and international shows (Turkey, Mauritius, Osho Commune in Pune, IFFI in Goa), collaborating with renowned musicians across the globe and authoring books on Indian music. About music, she says, “A musician can easily become a meditator. There is nothing closer to meditation than music. The day music consists only of silence, you have arrived home”.