a meditation centre in the Himalayas
Swami Prem Chetan aka Chetan Greenberg

Sw. Chetan has been deeply involved with the practice and teaching of Gurdjieff Movements with Ma Amiyo in seminars, trainings and public performances since 1997.


He is an accomplished musician as well and a brilliant opera singer. Trained in the Music-Hall of St Petersburg, and graduate from the Rubin academy of music in Jerusalem, he also studied in New-York from different singers and teachers of the Metropolitan Opera. He has been singing professionally in Philharmonic and Opera choirs in New-York, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Munich, Madrid, Marseille, Vienna etc.


His energy, in the last period of his life, is more involved in Gurdjieff movements and meditation, to answer the call of his being, using his skills and sensitivity to music and rhythm to discover more deeply the secrets of the science of vibrations, which are at the core of any sound and movement.