a meditation centre in the Himalayas
Ma Rabia

I leave you my Dream… If anywhere HIS dream has been realized, it is Osho Nisarga; so was my first impression when I visited the place eight years back.


Nisarga is like Nalanda for me, my Spiritual University or as Osho might call it, the Multiverisity. I have learnt so much here. Every time I need some perspective in life or need to take a step deeper into this mystery called life, all I have to do is log on to the Nisarga website and read about the variety of programs offered by some of the world renowned teachers in the field of Inner science, and choose the one which resonates with my being.


Nestled in the Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas, it is one of the most naturally created modern abode, all thanks to Ma Yoga Neelam, who spent many years in Osho’s presence. To be with the Master and to soak him in; so, it seems everywhere in Nisarga. Whether it is in the food menu or a little Buddha statue in the nook of a tree, everywhere one would find the essence of the Master. The most beautiful thing about Osho Nisarga is an amazing blend of a loving atmosphere with a razor sharp efficiency with which it is run, by brilliant mind of Priya.


This wonderful commune space functions on modern management principles devised by Priya, executed to perfection by Swami Tathagat and run by Ma Neelam’s heart. Yes… This must have been the dream of the Master, which is being realized at OSHO NISARGA – Respect and Salute to TEAM NISARGA.

Ma Rabia