a meditation centre in the Himalayas
Swami Ananda

Each time I return to Osho Nisarga, I undergo a beautiful transformation, exploring more of myself and going deeper into the stillness of my being. The outside environment, with the Himalayas majestically overlooking the Buddha field, and the flowing river, adding a sense of freshness and movement; is a perfect setting for getting in touch with the silence inside and opening the heart.


The commune structure is meticulously planned and beautifully designed with an elegant simplicity, giving spaciousness to daily life. Just as important, is the energetic atmosphere in which the self-work can be realized, and housing only participants of the group,being offered, is an immense and unique quality of Nisarga. It helps in cocooning the energy of a particular group, permitting the participants to relate with each other in an intimate, safe, and accepting way.


The few permanent residents at the center, with their love for Osho, and the mother nature, make the atmosphere much more special.


I usually go to Nisarga to attend Gurdjieff Movements and Dancing Soul workshops, and once I had the opportunity to experience Osho Mystic Rose Therapy in the beautiful Shunya Mandir.


The movements groups are the best way for me to become centered. Through conscious movements, I can ground myself in the body, and meditation becomes much easier. It is a unique process because it uses the mind (in quite a challenging way), the emotions (with the beautiful music and dances), and the body; uniting the three centers, as Gurdjieff says, in order to make us whole.


Osho Mystic Rose Therapy is simply a gem. The single most subtle trans-formative process I have ever gone through. I participated in the process whole heartedly, laughing and crying with totality, and finally surrendering to the silence. A lot of repressed emotions came out during this group, and I felt much lighter and more present afterwards.
It was special, experiencing it in Nisarga, because on an energetic level, the energy was contained within the group, since we were the only people residing there, and the center being more or less isolated. Hence,  during the silence week, I could really go in, without any distractions.


With its incredible beauty and silence, Osho Nisarga has a special place in my heart.

Sw. Ananda