a meditation centre in the Himalayas
Ma Divyam Payal

Nisarga is my paradise. It is in this beautiful, divine place that my search finds an answer. Ma Neelam’s love, Priya’s care, magnificent location, nutritious food and comforting environment. Pure bliss of living in a Sangha.


My journey was not planned, I was trying a few groups here, and then a sannyasin friend told me about Avikal. I felt a pull and there I was, in his group.
I haven’t met Osho in the body, and I always regret it. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t felt his presence. I feel him, as I listen to his discourses, as insights appear, in the air and also, sometimes in Avikal.


I have done a few groups with him and each time filling my being with more clarity, depth, confidence, openness, and an acceptance of an all-inclusive, the dark and the light, in me. I still remember, when he said that each time I keep my foot down, I feel the planet is supporting me. Now, I have started to feel a divine support around me.


From realization, towards actualization, and staying awake in awareness. The deep sleep is now recognized and I am in deep trust in myself, Avikal and the process.


I see the depth in his eyes and, his each word shakes me to wake up. His process is very profound, deep and clear. He helps, guides and even hammers us with his unconditional love. Sometimes it’s scary but he is always there. The resistance slips away and followed by trust. His sense of recognizing the seekers is profound. He very well knows where, how, when and what is needed for each one. He has a magnificent, beautiful heart with absolute love for the master. I am in total gratitude for having him as a guide.


Ma Divyam Payaal