“Aham Bramasmi”!! Two words that describe my state of being and my life at Osho Nisarga – A Meditation Centre in the Himalayas.


Meditating at the Shunya Mandir, the meditation hall as it is called here. Shunya meaning, “nothingness”; mandir meaning, “temple”. Meditating at the temple of nothingness, I am simply living the “God’s life”; that is the only way I can describe my life at Osho Nisarga in the last 6 months I have been here!


Some more words that describe the wonderful, abundant life at Osho Nisarga are, “heavenly delicious food”, “wild untamed yet serene nature”, “conscious celebration”, “melodious groovy, deeply meditative music”, all of this aiding to arrive at a deep and joyful state of meditation.


Osho Nisarga in its very nature is the closest to a living, throbbing presence of the most eccentric, self-realized master that the world has ever seen – Osho! The master to whom and to whose meditations and philosophy, this beautiful meditation centre is dedicated to.


I was a part of the work meditation team her for 6 and a half months. I lived here, ate here, meditated here, loved here and exploring so many different dimensions of life, work, meditation and love. So much exposure and exploration would not have been possible in ordinary life, even in a whole lifetime. The feeling I get here is that I lived many different lifetimes here, just in a matter of 6 months. Ahh!!


Osho Meditation techniques resonate with my being. I am a highly energetic, super active individual; hence need a lot of physical activity all day. Osho meditations provide a perfect setting for the transformation of the wild unlimited energy into a deep state of meditation and creativity.


The catharsis and dancing stages of different meditations help to channel the crazy energy into a constructive space; from where it is easy to flow into meditation, creativity and the deep bliss.


The daily schedule of meditations is quite engaging, not letting the mind lose, thereby, helping in containing my ever expanding energy and streamlining it into new unexplored universes of latent talents, and unprecedented blissful state of being!


I had the incredible opportunity to meet so many people from all over India and the rest of the world. This gave me a wider perspective on life, love, relationships, relating and the different aspects of life that we humans struggle with every day. So many of my judgements about people from different backgrounds got shattered, revealing a more human, softer side, hidden behind their personality masks and conditionings, and all this, kudos to the amazing de-armoring meditation techniques of Osho that are practiced in every retreat at Osho Nisarga.


The sheer variety of meditation retreats here at Osho Nisarga, ranging from Yoga, to Tai chi, to Sufism, to Tantra, gave me a wider and deeper understanding of not just the different meditative processes, however, this exposure also helped me see my own self and others through the colorful spectrum of different processes and techniques. I consequently found a deeper centering within myself!! Whoa!! Indeed a real meditative abundance!! I feel blessed!!



Kiran Kumar

Since a long time, I had been hearing about Osho Nisarga, it being an ideal place for meditation and hence, I decided to visit this heavenly abode.


Also, I have been fascinated by martial arts since childhood, but due to some health issues, I could not materialize my wish to pursue it. Off late, Tai Chi has attracted me, being an energy balancing and meditative art, also good for the body. Perhaps some law of attraction worked out and coincidently I found the “Centering with Tai Chi” program at Osho Nisarga and I plunged into the perfect opportunity which manifested before me.


Osho Nisarga is a fantastic place with lots of greenery, many varieties of fruit-bearing and flowering trees, aesthetically built cottages, a shallow but loud stream passing by, and cheerful, glowing faces of happy people. I absolutely loved the delicious healthy food, a lot of which grows inside Nisarga and the magnificent Shunya Mandir, the heart of the place, which I felt is charged with strong positive vibrations. The overall experience filled with abundant joy, immensely helped me in the inner journey.


I felt very content participating in the workshop “Centering with Tai chi”, the entire program was carried out super smooth. Sw. Nirav, was an amazing Tai Chi master, who facilitated the program very patiently and guided each one of us through the 10 forms, involving a lot of learning, thereby it being a great beginning for the participants to integrate body, mind & soul…. The Real Centering…


I feel deep gratitude for Ma Neelam, being instrumental in creating Osho Nisarga and its programs, thereby providing this priceless opportunity to numerous seekers from across the country and also from different parts of the world, in their inner journey urging them to live with totality, with awareness.


Thank you…..


Kiran Kumar

Ma Prem Shikha

Last year in September I attended the Tibetan Pulsing workshop at Osho Nisarga with my boyfriend at that time.


Very soon I realized that this workshop was not about learning a Tibetan healing technique or having a relaxing meditative experience in an Osho Ashram. The work with Swami Sanjay Bharti goes beyond. The knowledge he brought into that group space was so awake, spontaneous and in the moment, I was simply impressed. His work is about the completion of Osho’s vision of the de-conditioning of the human beings’ energy to guide to transformation and awakening.


Tibetan Pulsing is basically used to uncover the patterns of the human mind to transform them to an awake state. At the very beginning our primal root energy or also called sexual energy has to be liberated from the social beliefs and conditionings and become uncovered of fear, judgment and suppression, so it can rise.


To me all that sounded very fearful. Opening up the sexual energy which is so private and exclusive to my partner and me. At that time my relationship was functioning very well since we attuned our personal patterns, behaviors on each other, so everything was fixed and in order. When I look back now, I have to admit I was in a state of losing slowly my individuality and inner strength and power. Decisions were made not according to spiritual growth, rather out of non-disturbance of that coziness of the relationship and a fixed daily life. That’s the usual process of two persons without awareness, coming together to form a relationship and that’s also what society calls love. After realizing, my whole world was already shaking but I had to seek for further truth in life and the trust to be open. After the 7 day workshop I decided to continue to work with Swami Sanjay Bharti and since then many changes have happened in life. He basically brought my reality into shakiness, in order to get out of the asleep state of the mind and coming back to one’s own energy. It started to open up at the very root and I can understand and accept the natural flow of the sexual energy more and have the ability to express my desires in life and don’t hold back out of fear. The journey of discovering the opening of the base is a great joy and brings me to a further understanding of life itself which is vibrant, spontaneous and fresh each and every second. My partner and I are walking the path now as individuals and are connected through a deep friendship and support. I learnt to make my choices out of trust and spontaneity and not be predetermined through anxiety, suppression and karmic patterns.


Ma Prem Shikha


Swami Prem Anugrah

Journey to the Unexplored


Imagine a mesmerizing view of “The Wall in the North”, the snow-clad peaks of the great Himalayas, a small dancing singing river of fresh alpine waters flowing beside, lot of greenery, fresh cool breeze flowing and a myriad varieties of never-seen or heard-before birds singing around.


Now, in this dreamlike setting, sit down comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath and return to your-self.


Aah… Wishing you were there! Right? Let me tell you… I WAS!!


Since I submerged myself into Osho’s way in 1996 and began to explore meditation, Himalayas have been a figure of fantasy and I always imagined it as a place where miracles happen. I dreamed of sitting in the mountains, wrapped in a warm shawl and this came alive like a déjà vu at Nisarga, Dharamsala.


The place is purely based on Osho’s vision, as he once shared with few disciples saying that, “this is where we’ll end up.. in the Himalayas!”


Ma Neelam has been one of the greatest mediums for Osho, for the actualization of this mesmerizing meditation heaven. Practically a large rock garden with a little river, flowing over small and large rocks, the cottages made of same grey rocks as if the structures had risen naturally from the very same rocky soil.


The air, rich and cool with fragrance of the mountains,the sound of running water, and native as well as migratory birds; and the greatest of all being the ever-changing scenic Himalayas, reflecting the sun in different moods in the shades of golden, silver, copper or at times covered in clouds and mist. It’s all just too fictional reality milieu!


The program of 21 days, Silent Retreat is designed by Osho in such a way that it hits like an arrow, a beautiful rhythm of active and passive meditations one after another. Beginning the day with freshness of morning colors and Dynamic meditation, in a state-of-the-art hall named Shunya Mandir is simply poetic.


Post breakfast, the group silent sitting in Shunya Mandir is so potent with energy, and Ma Veena’s sharing with us, how Osho describes that “the rise in the meditative energy of a group is much higher than the sum of individual energy”.


Nisarga has beautiful rice paddy fields all around, and the nature walks, all by oneself, scheduled on different parts of the day are filled with serenity. Green dancing carpet of rice plantations, snowy peaks and blue sky, silent sitting in nature by the singing river, with chirping birds and cool breeze is quite an experience. And then after Kundalini meditation, it seems the shaking is just happening on its own; simply witnessing everything.


Looking at the cup of chai around 5 pm under the trees and breathing-in the view of Himalayas! Simplicity of zen with joy bubbling inside.


The crescendo is the evening silent sitting in room alone. The candles light up the room depicting light of Osho’s presence with warmth in the cold of February. Settling in the meditation corner of my room in woolen shawl is like crawling back in to the womb. (Enough said!)


Though, the process really works as the inner turmoil shakes up from the bed rock of unconscious, surfacing to the stage of an active mind and there the drama is out loud. “Be with the breathing”, the sutra by Osho to witness the changing inner climate, is the only boat to sail through these weathers steadily.


Strangely enough, in all these retreat days there was no sexual or any other urge to venture out. I felt I am in the loving hands of master and he is working on me intensively.


The process took me through many facets of my life, many forgotten chapters and people, the incomplete businesses, grudges and insults, embarrassments and triumphs, and loss of loved ones. It felt like cleansing, breaking down, crying and howling, like heavy rain clouds bursting with gravity.


This write-up would be incomplete without mention of food which is made with so much love that it fills not just the stomach but also satisfies the heart. Varieties of combinations, Indian as well as continental, crunchy salads and breads and also our very own phulka roti! The best part being that the majority of ingredients are sourced from the organic farms of Nisarga.


Post the retreat I see the process still ongoing with-in. I feel much freer and connected to myself and the source of inner joy, less dependent on the outer elements me.


In conclusion I would say that this process has been like a surgery for me. It made a deep cut and opened many layers of unconscious, then repaired and rejuvenated me. In the end, I realize that I have been deeply healed. The harmony of wholesomeness is so apparent to me and the others. The sensory perceptions have been cleansed and a lot of inner burden has evaporated.


Sw Prem Anugrah



Ma Prem Mandira

My experience with Osho, starts when I was a confused, angry teenager, in 1989. I thought I was not understood and this left me with a feeling of being lost in the world. I felt I was living, but I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do with life. I lost my father that year, the person I was closest to. I went through the rituals of Hindu death ceremonies and found them to be absolutely false and superficial. The thought that one day I was going to die, left me with a strong feeling of ‘not this way’. But I knew no other way. So I was even more lost as I found life not very clear and death also seemed to be a confusion.


One day, I found a center spread picture of a man with the most peaceful face, resting on a half burning pyre, and many beautiful maroon robed women were dancing around him almost in a trance. The article below it was from a book of Osho, about celebrating death and breaking all boundaries of our known realities about life and death.


I soon arrived in Pune and then in the Buddha hall. My first meditation was Vipassna. As I closed my eyes, my heart raced at a record speed and I broke into sweat. I wondered if it was death! As I opened my eyes as an automatic reaction I found everything still and silent; afraid that I was just overthinking I closed my eyes again. That time I went into a deep relaxation and kept sitting still for a very long time. I was hooked, I realized that the relaxation, peace and inner beauty that I had experienced was what Osho spoke of as life and death. The adventure began, the mysterious path of a disciple and guru the relationship, of unspoken love and support, and of surrender. Death brought me to life.


My experience at Nisarga: I arrived at Nisarga, the first time to participate in the group ‘Tantra Meditation Retreat’, prior to which I had only known Pune as an Osho commune. Nisarga was the beginning of my second chapter with Osho.


As the days passed the picturesque beauty of the place transformed into a mystery. I had not experienced earlier such a presence of the beyond. Something that could only be experienced and absorbed, and not be explained. It opened a space in me, of realizing that I know nothing. Whatever I thought of Osho, spirituality, years of practice, all seemed to fall into place, in a moment. I continued my journey. I found here, a safe space, warm with love, and caring with awareness, helping my processing; soon I started to feel at home.


As the years have passed, the relating with Nisarga has become more transparent. I come here with my needs, whether it is a group, or just to take a break from the outside world, and relax, eat, sleep; sometimes it’s just a loving sharing with Ma Neelam, a laugh with others and silence with nature, I find everything here.

Ma Prem Mandira

Ma Rabia

I leave you my Dream… If anywhere HIS dream has been realized, it is Osho Nisarga; so was my first impression when I visited the place eight years back.


Nisarga is like Nalanda for me, my Spiritual University or as Osho might call it, the Multiverisity. I have learnt so much here. Every time I need some perspective in life or need to take a step deeper into this mystery called life, all I have to do is log on to the Nisarga website and read about the variety of programs offered by some of the world renowned teachers in the field of Inner science, and choose the one which resonates with my being.


Nestled in the Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas, it is one of the most naturally created modern abode, all thanks to Ma Yoga Neelam, who spent many years in Osho’s presence. To be with the Master and to soak him in; so, it seems everywhere in Nisarga. Whether it is in the food menu or a little Buddha statue in the nook of a tree, everywhere one would find the essence of the Master. The most beautiful thing about Osho Nisarga is an amazing blend of a loving atmosphere with a razor sharp efficiency with which it is run, by brilliant mind of Priya.


This wonderful commune space functions on modern management principles devised by Priya, executed to perfection by Swami Tathagat and run by Ma Neelam’s heart. Yes… This must have been the dream of the Master, which is being realized at OSHO NISARGA – Respect and Salute to TEAM NISARGA.

Ma Rabia

Swami Ananda

Each time I return to Osho Nisarga, I undergo a beautiful transformation, exploring more of myself and going deeper into the stillness of my being. The outside environment, with the Himalayas majestically overlooking the Buddha field, and the flowing river, adding a sense of freshness and movement; is a perfect setting for getting in touch with the silence inside and opening the heart.


The commune structure is meticulously planned and beautifully designed with an elegant simplicity, giving spaciousness to daily life. Just as important, is the energetic atmosphere in which the self-work can be realized, and housing only participants of the group,being offered, is an immense and unique quality of Nisarga. It helps in cocooning the energy of a particular group, permitting the participants to relate with each other in an intimate, safe, and accepting way.


The few permanent residents at the center, with their love for Osho, and the mother nature, make the atmosphere much more special.


I usually go to Nisarga to attend Gurdjieff Movements and Dancing Soul workshops, and once I had the opportunity to experience Osho Mystic Rose Therapy in the beautiful Shunya Mandir.


The movements groups are the best way for me to become centered. Through conscious movements, I can ground myself in the body, and meditation becomes much easier. It is a unique process because it uses the mind (in quite a challenging way), the emotions (with the beautiful music and dances), and the body; uniting the three centers, as Gurdjieff says, in order to make us whole.


Osho Mystic Rose Therapy is simply a gem. The single most subtle trans-formative process I have ever gone through. I participated in the process whole heartedly, laughing and crying with totality, and finally surrendering to the silence. A lot of repressed emotions came out during this group, and I felt much lighter and more present afterwards.
It was special, experiencing it in Nisarga, because on an energetic level, the energy was contained within the group, since we were the only people residing there, and the center being more or less isolated. Hence,  during the silence week, I could really go in, without any distractions.


With its incredible beauty and silence, Osho Nisarga has a special place in my heart.

Sw. Ananda

Ma Divyam Payal

Nisarga is my paradise. It is in this beautiful, divine place that my search finds an answer. Ma Neelam’s love, Priya’s care, magnificent location, nutritious food and comforting environment. Pure bliss of living in a Sangha.


My journey was not planned, I was trying a few groups here, and then a sannyasin friend told me about Avikal. I felt a pull and there I was, in his group.
I haven’t met Osho in the body, and I always regret it. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t felt his presence. I feel him, as I listen to his discourses, as insights appear, in the air and also, sometimes in Avikal.


I have done a few groups with him and each time filling my being with more clarity, depth, confidence, openness, and an acceptance of an all-inclusive, the dark and the light, in me. I still remember, when he said that each time I keep my foot down, I feel the planet is supporting me. Now, I have started to feel a divine support around me.


From realization, towards actualization, and staying awake in awareness. The deep sleep is now recognized and I am in deep trust in myself, Avikal and the process.


I see the depth in his eyes and, his each word shakes me to wake up. His process is very profound, deep and clear. He helps, guides and even hammers us with his unconditional love. Sometimes it’s scary but he is always there. The resistance slips away and followed by trust. His sense of recognizing the seekers is profound. He very well knows where, how, when and what is needed for each one. He has a magnificent, beautiful heart with absolute love for the master. I am in total gratitude for having him as a guide.


Ma Divyam Payaal

Ma Prem Marga

The Master has mystical ways for His chosen ones. Am I the chosen one too? Yes Yes, I am.


25 years have gone by, the plunge, the initiation and the forgetfulness. And then Osho Nisarga happened. Started visiting Nisarga in 2014 and ever since looking within is ‘on’.
The highly charged energy field of Nisarga is pushing me into mindlessness. Just being Me, nothing to fake, nothing to boast of. It seems so easy to be Me. For the very first time I have started connecting with-‘in’ effortlessly. Nothing to worry about food or hygiene… It feels as if a child is being nurtured here.


My latest group here, Enneagram: Nine Facets of True nature and Human Potential by Sw. Avikal, has been a revolutionary experience of getting a glimpse of my very being.
Lovely ambience surrounded by snow capped peaks, flowing riverside, lush green fields, help me disconnect with creeping thoughts.


Amazing, Awesome, You miss Nisarga, you miss yourself.



Ma Marga

Ma Satyam Kalyani

I had participated in Tantra meditation retreat last month at Osho Nisarga. I want to express my gratitude and share my experience at Nisarga.


I’m really impressed, and surprised too, that how beautifully and creatively this place has been developed. There is creativity in everything over here, be it the room furnishings, color schemes, pathways, landscape design, gardening, food preparation and service or the architecture and design of  the wonderful Shunya Mandir , the list goes on… It’s endless…


Every nook and corner is so beautiful here. There is positive, loving vibration flowing in entire Nisarga, just like the stream flowing by its side.


From sunrise to sunset, each moment I have experienced silence, depth and beauty, which is very special; this ambiance has been really very supportive for me to go inwards.


I am sending this email to express my thanks for creating such a beautiful and loving place for meditation where so much creativity is reflected in each and everything.


I had the most beautiful experience of my life during this retreat. I have visited many Osho resorts around the country but Nisarga has a special place in my heart. The love and joy which is in the air here, I couldn’t experience anywhere else.


I’m very happy that a lovely person like Ma Neelam has created a beautiful meditation resort like this. I have no more words left to express anything more.


I wanted to say all this to Ma Neelam in person but somehow I couldn’t meet her before leaving, but I shall come again soon to have deeper experience in my journey.



Ma Satyam Kalyani